How to Teach Your Kids to Crush Anxiety

Learn mad skills. Teach them to your kids.

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Anxiety can rule not only your child's life, but it can rule your life as well.

Do you find yourself walking on eggshells around your child? Do you avoid things because you know it will cause your child anxiety?

Are you always wondering when the other shoe will drop?

With stomach issues, sleep troubles and constant panic, anxiety can consume the entire family.


You don't deserve that. She doesn't deserve that.

She doesn't want to feel afraid. She doesn't want to be difficult. Anxiety is ruining her happiness. She would like to enjoy school, but she is too focused on her worries. She would like a good night's sleep, but she is too worried about her safety. She would love to have sleepovers with her friends, but anxiety is holding her back.

She needs skills. She needs your help.



Parenting an anxious child can make you feel powerless.

Do you struggle with what to do to help your child? It can be painful to watch your child panic and not know how to help. Child anxiety can make any parent feel overwhelmed.

Wouldn't it feel better to partner with your child and beat this beast? Wouldn't it feel amazing if you knew skills to teach your child?


You are not powerless. You can learn effective tools and teach them to your child.

What I teach kids in therapy is not rocket science. Every parent has the ability to teach their kids exactly what I teach kids in therapy.

In fact, a big part of my therapy is meeting with parents and giving them these very tools to help their kids.

Anxious kids learn in the moment. They learn when they are in the throes of panic. They learn to face their fears when there is someone right there next to them cheering them on.

Only parents can do that.

Only you can do that.

You just need to learn how. I can help you build those skills to teach your child.

We can do this together.


For the amount it would cost you for one therapy session, you get skills that would take you months to acquire in my therapy practice.

Part One: Become an anxiety expert.

Lesson One:

You will be able to identify all the physical and behavioral symptoms of anxiety. You will learn what parents do that can make anxiety worse and what they can do to make it better.

Lesson Two:

You will dive into your child's anxiety and learn how to identify your child's anxiety themes. Instead of dealing with individual worries, you will be able to conquer large worry themes.

Lesson Three:

You will learn how to personify anxiety and why it is the ultimate weapon against anxiety. You will develop a new vocabulary of easy analogies and phrases that help kids understand how to beat anxiety.

Part Two: Become a warrior of anxiety.

Lesson Four:

Tired of negative thinking? Learn specific tools to help fight negative thoughts. You will walk away from this lesson with a whole arsenal of approaches to redirect negative thinking and stop panic before it ever begins.

Lesson Five:

Do you freeze up when your child is panicky? Not anymore! In this lesson you will learn the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack. You will learn how to spot an attack and what you can do to help your child through one. You will learn the most effective distraction techniques and why some common techniques are not effective.

Lesson Six:

You will learn how to teach your kids to do "anxiety challenges." You will learn how to make an anxiety challenge ladder and how to use one to crush anxiety. You will walk away from this lesson with a complete understanding of how to implement the most effective approach to overcoming anxiety.

Part Three: Maintain your victory.

Lesson Seven:

The only thing that is certain in life is change - and for anxious kids, that's not a great thing. In this lesson you will learn how to help your child navigate life's changes without too many bumps and bruises. Be prepared on how to help your child with moving, school changes, grief and divorce.

Lesson Eight:

You've come so far, but how will you maintain it? You will learn what kills success and makes anxiety pop back up. This lesson will teach you how to keep your child's skills sharp, year after year.

Lesson Nine:

Did you know that anxiety has some annoying cousins? It does! In this lesson you will become an expert on those nasty relatives and you will learn just how to spot them. Catching new behavior early is key - and after this lesson, you will be prepared.

Lesson Ten:

Do you wonder if you should ever see a child therapist? When is it time to get professional help? This lesson will walk you through the roles of various mental health professionals and when you should seek out their help. This lesson will also discuss those symptoms that warrant immediate attention by a mental health professional.


12 video lessons:

Giving you step-by-step instructions on how to teach your child to fight anxiety.
Videos designed in bite-size lessons that are quick and easy to digest for busy parents.

14 exercises:

Expanding your understanding with insightful exercises at the end of each lesson.

6 cheat sheets:

Reference guides highlighting and expand on information covered in a lesson.

Learn at your own pace:

Life is busy. If you are like most parents, you are just trying to keep your head above water. This course was designed with busy parents in mind. Take this course at a speed that is comfortable for you. Each lesson can be done in less than an hour, making this a manageable course for even the busiest parent.

Want to plow through it and get some quick solutions? You have full access to the entire course the minute you enroll [once the course goes live 11/19/2016]. No waiting for the next lesson or the next week. Start and stop when you want, how often you want.

Get a PDF Print out of video lessons:

Want to take notes? Want to come back and review what we talked about? Trying to fast forward and rewind through video is annoying! That's why I have made a printable version of all my video lessons. Print them out. Take notes. Read them on the go.

Get support:

You will not be alone throughout this course. At the bottom of each lesson is a discussion section. You can leave comments or questions as you go. I will be able to give you further clarification or ongoing support as you go through the course.


"Natasha provides sound advice and methods that work. Our family has gained sanity in a world that, before receiving her help, was out of control. I feel as though I have someone in my corner who understands the daily struggles of being a parent to an anxious child and is there to help."

-Caren, mother of two

"Being a Child Therapist, there are times when it is helpful to reach out to other professionals as a resource. Natasha Daniels is always my go to person when it comes to anxiety questions. Natasha's ability to assess a child for anxiety and her knowledge of possible interventions has made her a valuable resource to therapists and families."

-Sandie Miller, LCSW Child Therapist

Your Instructor

Natasha Daniels
Natasha Daniels

My name is Natasha Daniels and I am a Child Therapist and mother to three vibrant, challenging and insightful children who keep me on my toes! I have spent the last eleven years working with children and families in my private practice Hill Child Counseling.

Kids are my passion – especially anxious kids. Having been an anxious kid and now raising three anxious kids of my own, I get anxiety on a very personal level. I have dedicated my practice and my writing to helping anxious kids and their families.

I am the author of Anxiety Sucks! A Teen Survival Guide and How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler. I am the creator of AnxiousToddlers.com and the Psychcentral blog, Parenting Anxious Kids. My work has been featured on various sites including Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and The Mighty.

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